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Gate at the Sanctuary of Becetto

This gate is of great impact and prestige and represents the fusion of technique with art. Once again, “Lu Ferìe” pays homage to the wonders of ancient crafts.

The main characteristic lies in the considerable amount of traditional wrought iron details, nevertheless, the gate itself does not appear to be cumbersome. This gate decorates the entrance to the small museum of a church. It is entirely made of solid iron which was forged by hand. A distinguishing note is that the gate was assembled using only hammered wrought iron nails and clamps that were heat-shaped and fixed in situ.

The stylized  Rosary, set in the five sections created by the vertical divisions of the main structure, makes this artifact precious and fitting for its surroundings.

The unique natural hue of the metalwork is enhanced by the brushed finish and a coat of opaque varnish.

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